C2 Corvette Engine Compartment Restoration

The customer engaged CCC to replace the original 4-Speed with a new Tremec TKO-600 5-speed using a Keisler kit. After discussing the installation options (manual transmissions Corvettes do not have a removable transmission crossmember), the customer decided to pull the engine and clean up the engine compartment as well. During disassembly he found a brand new Jon Barrett Racing Engines 425HP 350 on Craig’s List that had never been installed. The results speak for themselves, and the customer is turning 1700 rpm at 70 mph, and the car really screams! He has said repeatedly that the 5-speed conversion is the best thing he has done on any of his cars!

C2 Corvette Interior Restoration

The owner saved this Corvette from the good intentions of the previous owner. The gentleman had his wife sew up a custom fake ostrich and vinyl interior. The new owner wants it done right, and back to the correct black leather. Everything will be redone including restoring and recalibrating all gauges, the instrument cluster, lenses, dash, all wiring, glove box, cables, vents, knobs, bezels, hardware, seals, ducts, everything. The original AM/FM radio has been completely restored and converted to modern electronics including i-Pod, DVD, CD and Nav inputs as well as Seek, Scan, and FM Stereo features. You may also notice that this is a factory A/C car.

1964 C2 Engine Compartment Restoration

This is the same Corvette as the C2 Interior Restoration Project. This car had seen a LOT of abuse, but because it is a numbers matching, factory A/C car it was worth the effort. The entire engine compartment was stripped and then cleaned, sanded and primed. Both inner fenders were broken away from the fenders and correctly repositioned to eliminate a 1” gap between the hood surround and the tops of the inner fenders. The extremely poor splice of the RH inner fender was also correctly repaired and the hood surround drip rail was rebuilt and painted. The A/C system was completely restored and everything went back with our typical ultra-high quality standards in mind. The engine is a 365hp 327. We added the dual master cylinder, front disc brakes and power steering. Everything is dated and correct except the carburetor which will be done shortly. Note the correct A/C exhaust manifolds, all hardware, brackets, clips, clamps, ties, wiring, etc.

C1 Corvette Front End Replacement

The front end of this 1960 Corvette had been wiped out many times, and then repaired very badly many times. All of the radiator area and the inner fenders were also destroyed, as well as the passenger lower cowl and side structure. The only course of action was to replace the entire front clip with the inner fenders, rebuild the passenger side cowl structure and replace the side fenders. The front clip was purchased already jig assembled except for the side fenders. These are all correct press molded parts. After bonding the bonding seems will be ground down and fiberglassed for a permanent repair.

1962 C1 Corvette Dash & Gauge Restoration

The customer brought us a 1962 C1 Corvette with a badly deteriorated windshield weatherstrip. As part of replacing the windshield weatherstrip the frame must be removed from the car. As the dash and gauges were original and in need of repair, the customer decided to do the dash, gauges, console and radio speaker all at the same time. We restored the painted areas to the correct “low gloss” finish, disassembled the speedometer and small gauges to clean them, replaced the lenses and bezels, replaced the console backplate, rebuilt the tack and refaced it to the high rpm redline and restored the clock. Everything was then reassembled with the correct hardware. We also rechromed the windshield posts and straightened and polished the upper and lower windshield moldings.

1958 C1 Corvette Jim Meyer Rear End Update 4-Link Installation

The customer purchased a very nice 1958 Corvette that had a lowered suspension. The car had a make-shift rear suspension to get the back end down, but the suspension geometry was way out of wack. It was actually binding so bad it was tearing the mounts out of the frame! It also did not ride or handle well. CCC installed a complete Jim Myer Racing C1 Weld-In Rear End Update 4-Link Kit. The car already had a narrowed differential with disc-brakes so we removed everything from the chassis and axle housing and started over. We also repaired the area of the frame that had been damaged to better than new. This car drives great and has a really nice stance.

1957 C1 Corvette Rochester Fuel Injection System Restoration

This 1957 Corvette FI system is the original unit installed from the factory on the '57 Corvette in our Project Cars section. This unit was removed from the vehicle many, many years ago and stored by the second owner of the vehicle. As we disassembled it, we realized that this unit was so completely original we contacted multiple Corvette FI "experts" and several members of the 56-57 NCRS judging team. As a result of our efforts many new things were found out about the factory installed FI units on the 283/283 HP '57 Corvettes in March of that year. This unit was completely restored in our shop and then installed and tuned in our shop. This unit starts at the turn of the key, jumps up to fast idle when cold, has exceptional throttle response and runs magnificently. What is all this talk about these things
being temperamental?

1967 C2 Corvette NCRS Chassis Restoration

This documented and real 1967 435 HP 427 coupe was body on restored in the '90's. When they did the work they simply spray painted the entire chassis and bottom of the car black. When the car came to CCC, it was time to do it right. The customer wanted the car brought up to current NCRS specifications for a Top-Flight certification. The body was removed and while doing so we found the original Order Copy (Build Sheet) on the gas tank! This car Top-Flighted the first time out and according to the NCRS judges "is one of the highest scoring '67's they have
ever judged".